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7 Tips for passing the Watson Glaser and the Ravens Matrices Aptitude Tests

Nina Pasterny, our resident Watson Glaser & Ravens Matrices superstar (she scored 98% on WG and 92% on RM!!! 😱) shares her tips on how she did it… and how you can too. Listen up!

Hi, my name in Nina. I am a third year LLB student at the University of East Anglia who will be graduating (*touch wood*) in July. As part of many gruelling application processes I have encountered many aptitude tests – and boy do I hate them! By some miracle and a lot of hard work, I managed to pass the Watson Glaser and Ravens matrices with flying colours.

Top tips

1. Practice…

… practise then practice some more. If you have the time, try to practise a few tests every day. The repetition of doing it over consecutive days with breaks in between really helped me internalise what I was learning.

2. Learn from your mistakes