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Remy Taylor

Commercial Awareness Analyst

Jutha Cheewat

Commercial Awareness Analyst

Jutha is an aspiring commercial solicitor and a postgraduate student with interests including, but not limited to, the development of Generative Artificial Intelligence, FinTech, and the intersection between technology, regulation and the law.


Judy Zoradey

Commercial Awareness Analyst

Hi, my name is Judy! I applied to become a commercial analyst at STRIVE to become an expert at understanding commercial trends. As an aspiring solicitor, I knew that commercial awareness would be central to my role so I wanted to improve on this skill. In this role, I look forward to strengthening my abilities in analysing commercial trends. I also look forward to helping others to better understand how commercial trends impact the legal industry.

Rosemina Hassan

Commercial Awareness Analyst

I am a first-generation university graduate with a first-class in law. I am an aspiring commercial solicitor with a particular interest in private equity and the energy space. Beyond my legal pursuits, I enjoy being in the saddle horse riding on a semi competitive level and swimming on the weekends.

Muqaddas Hussain

Commercial Awareness Analyst

Muqaddas is a Law with Chinese Law graduate from the University of Nottingham. She is an aspiring commercial solicitor with a keen interest in sustainability driven innovation.

Lara Nicol

Commercial Awareness Analyst

Lara grew up and went to school in Hong Kong. She has recently completed her LLM and is currently studying for the SQE. In her spare time, she enjoys taking her dachshund for walks in the park and crocheting.

Tia Khimji

Commercial Awareness Analyst

Hi there! My name is Tia and I am currently a LLM Intellectual Property Law student at Cardiff Univeristy. I look forward to bringing you an insight into how ESG developments are shaping the legal industry and how lawyers are responding to them.

Will Kelly

Commercial Awareness Analyst

Will is a chemistry student in his final year at university, and is currently researching hydrogen generation

Parleen Gabba

Commercial Awareness Analyst

As an English Lit graduate from KCL, naturally I was interested in a career where I could use my arguing skills! Jokes aside, I find that my degree inspired me and strengthened my interest in analysing creative works. I aspire to become an IP lawyer, unless something else interests me on this journey, but I do really enjoy that IP lawyers get to advice on creative processes and ideas, and would love to see something I’ve worked on make an impact in important industries.

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