William Kelly

Training Contract at Slaughter & May

I am a third-year Chemistry student. The combination of my degree and background meant I had no idea how to begin my legal career, or how to go about asking for advice. I feltI was putting in vast amounts of work and was unsure if what I was doing was right, or how to check. STRIVE made a legal career seem realistic, and I now had a clear path  set out for how to enter the field.

What I learned from the workshops completely changed how I approached commercial stories, and how I structured my arguments and opinions. I found being able to message the STRIVE team directly asking for  help preparing for interviews to be invaluable. Attending events with specific law firms facilitated through STRIVE,  I was able to develop a personal link to these firms. This helped me write  stronger applications, provide clarity for what type of firm I wanted to  apply to, and made me feel part of the legal sector. I do not believe there is any other programme that offers such variety of support. While mentor schemes, talks and networking opportunities, and application advice, are available through a variety of channels; STRIVE is the only programme that combines every tool available to help make their candidates applications as strong as they can be.

Since working with STRIVE I have come to appreciate not only the individual help offered by the team at STRIVE, but also the support from fellow associates. From sending articles to each other, or offers of proof-reading applications, we built a community which is something many of us have never experienced before.