Stephanie Anais

Training Contract at Clifford Chance

I have been a STRIVE associate since 2020 and recently secured a training contract with Clifford Chance. The guidance and support that I received from the workshops and my mentor were incredibly helpful in my journey to securing A TC with my dream firm! 

The commercial awareness workshops were very informative; and due to the excellent material available, I was able to analyse FT news stories and identify and understand how the commercial issues affected the relevant stakeholders. 

Being part of STRIVE for two years, was lucky enough to have two different mentors. As I secured my TC early on in the second year I spent more time with my first mentor. She was incredible(!) and taught me a lot about the application and interview process. She is a genuine mentor whose advice I will carry with me forever.  My second mentor was also terrific and always available to answer my questions.

Thank you, STRIVE, for all your help and guidance!