Megan E

Vacation Scheme at Covington & Burling

Whilst other social mobility organisations claim to be diverse, they still place limitations on the type of diversity they are looking for and grades. Whereas with STRIVE I felt like I was encouraged to be empowered by the fact that I was female or dyslexic. I was seen as a whole rather than the common USP’s like being from a socially mobile background. My impression has only been enhanced because I have learnt more about myself and how to capitalise on the things I take for granted such as my gender.

It was highly organised which really put you at ease at the beginning of the application season. The workshops at the beginning were really helpful for setting a background into what was to be expected. Whilst it took me a while to get used to  Slack, with time it was a great resource. Not only could you connect with your mentors quicker, you could also talk to other applicants in your cohort. Learning from their wealth of knowledge, especially when they had attended an assessment centre at a firm, really put you at ease. The feedback on your applications was very detailed and honest which has genuinely helped me succeed during this application process.


First-gen to attend University