Kieran Farrelly

Training Contract at Hogan Lovells

I was with STRIVE for one application cycle. My previous three cycles  were unsuccessful, but STRIVE’s mentorship and core team, alongside its  assessment centre sessions and resources, helped transform my approach.

STRIVE benefitted me in three ways. First, the approach of Tilly, Sana and Chris in the introductory sessions was direct and raw. The high standards of the team were refreshing and necessary after a few unsuccessful cycles.

Second, the main benefit of STRIVE was the dedicated draft checking  and interview preparation. My mentor Rebecca Cowley, alongside the core team,  always had time to check my applications whilst juggling their own jobs and lives! I leaned on their support frequently. Further, interview demonstrations were available throughout the cycle, and fellow STRIVE associates were also constructive in their feedback for one another.

Third, STRIVE offers accessible and engaging resources. This is exemplified by the case study preparation documents, which include diagrams of stakeholder analyses (to name one!).

It’s clear that thewhole team cares about the STRIVE associates they take on!